Identity Crisis

Issaih 43:18 says “Forget about what’s happened; don’t keep going over old history. Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.” (MSG)

What the holy spirit revealed to me while reading this message regarding my transformation is that the reason it’s difficult for some of us to let go and accept our new lives in Jesus Christ is an identinty crisis..We don’t know who we are.

Our identity is ofted shaped by our past,our intrests,characteristics, personalities and so on…

I came to realise that all this time I was living a life which required me to have certain characteristics and in doing these things a certain personality is built inside of me. After i had accepted Jesus in my life and made a choice that from now on I’m living to follow him, it was difficult because now I ddn’t know who I was,I couldn’t be the person I was in the late night clubs,while drinking, in sexual sin and drug abuse.To mantain that lifestyle a sinful character was built in me aswell, such as lying,stealing money, sexual immorality and so forth.Yes, even the way I dressed,the way i spoke is different now.I needed  a complete software reboot. I had to find out who I was in Christ..

To move on and fully indulge in the love and joy of the new life i had been given, I had to find out who I was,I had finally figured out that I was looking for myself in all the wrong places. Sometimes God takes away the things you treasure the most, the things you completely insert your whole being in, to show you that you are looking for yourself in the wrong places..

In Colossians 1:7 Jesus tells us that our Joy and Identity is found in him. How can you find the real you, the you that will be enternally happy without you having to sacrifice your morals and values,without you having to become a slave to sin and addictions, not the artificial happiness that tags along with an artificial you. We all thought we were happy all these years, till that expiry date when it all disappeared.

But I promise the you that “you” will find in Jesus and the happiness in which that “you” will have is enternal!

Find yourself in serving the Lord,reading his word, by seeking his will in everything you do, seeking to bring him Glory.You were made for God, thats your purpose, look to him for your identity.

Think about it, if you were made for him,by him then you were made in a specific way,given a specific identity to cater for a specific purpose.How can your specific identity not be happy doing specifically what it was specifically made for..

Another thing stop comparing yourself to others,one thing I do is look at other girls and look myself down because their just so beautiful! No! You are your own person! Not a photocopy!

You face,body; from your head to toe is perfect for your purpose on this earth..Just perfect.


God wants to give you a new life..

The first and most important thing i think every human being has to know is God loves you. Even though we were sinners and repeatedly rejected him, he still gave his only son for us! (Romans 5:8) He gave his only son so you could be forgiven and be given a new life, a life of mercy,grace, favor and unconditional love. All you have to do is accept Jesus in your life and let him do the rest. We all have a past and we all have things we regret and wish we could take back, but Jesus died so that these things don’t have to hold us back. I remember when God found me,I couldnt unserstand why all of a sudden  the guy I was in a relationship with for 3 years just left me,only a couple of days ago i realised God chose me and he wanted to give me a new life.

My whole relationship with this guy was a life of sin, this guy took me to places which i still am ashamed to say, this guy watched pornography,he made me do things which i still have scars of,i was drinking, doing all sorts of drugs and practices,i watched this guy commit crimes and i kept quiet because I was so inlove and i had accepted that if this guy left no one would ever love me..Thank you Jesus for saving me..

And when i got saved this guy just ddisappeared.sometimes people just leave and we don’t understand, and we keep holding on and we just can’t move on, but let me tell you this when people leave, let them. Not everyone can handle the grace over your life and trust God because he is for you,his yours,he only wants whats best for you..if he allows that person to leave,let them!

Another thing i had to do is forgive myself,because i was ashamed,so ashamed of my past and i kept blaming myself for allowing myself to be abused by this guy and allowing him to change me into someone i was not, I realised God wants to give me a new life thats why he saved me and he couldn’tdo this if i kept holding on to my past..
The bible says if we confess our sins he will surely forgive us and deliver us from them (1 john 1:9)  the bible also says that he will wash us and make us a white as snow (isaiah 1:18) ..God wants to give you a new life (2 Corinthians 5:17), he cant do this without your permission and he cant do this if you keep holding on to your past life,those who accept Jesus Christ are given a new life, freedom from their past sins..this means its time to let go off all those regrets,shame and sins that the devil uses to keep you down today!! If God has forgiven you, who are you to keep looking at your past,our past does not define us, God does..He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14) ..made to do great things and we are conqures in all things (Romans 8 vs 37) We are made so on this earth the glory of God can be realised through us, which atomatically qualifies us to do only great things!

It is not easy,I still have days where i break down and cry. I thought things were suppose to happen automatically that the pain was just going to disappear but guys God doesn’t work like that! He wants you to learn out of this and become stronger! Its a process!..It will not be easy but just keep looking up and trust him and Pray! Pray! Pray! when you don’t have strength allow him to be you strength! 

It’s a process but he will never let your hand go,allow him to give you a new life!

Thank you Jesus!! 

Meeting kiera 

Hi. My name is Kiera. I was born and raised in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa. I am the oldest in my family, its just me and my little brother. My parents are very young, they had me during their last year of secondary school. I guess the fact that they didn’t abort me,makes me a living miracle.. My life is not all that glamorous or interesting, we are basically just a middle class family living a middle class life. I would write more about myself but i guess i don’t really know who i am. I’ve only just found myself and still getting to know who that person is. All my life i was living as a shadow in darkness,Can you see a shadow in darkness??.. This is a life that i am not proud of, but the Love of God found me, I would like to share my journey of how i rose from the ashes and how God chose me and changed my life. What i have learnt is we all think we know who we are, and that we know what we want or we all have  problems and our lives are not what we want them to be, we are slaves to  sinful lives,addictions, depression and many things! We all need to be saved from ourselves or others. The big question is how? I have the answer.. Jesus! if he is  doing it for me, he can start doing it for you and what I’ve learnt is what my God starts he will surely finish!! Jesus died on the cross for me and you, just to make a place in your heart for himself, he did this even when you rejected him, I didn’t know this Jesus guy till just not long ago and ever since i allowed him to make a home in my heart, my life has never been the same and i would like to share this journey with you, this journey to becoming whole..